New Customer Offer
Door to Door
Up to 10 Standard Boxes
min. 1 month storage
(excluding free month)
12 or 24 ft2 Plans
min. 3 month storage
(excluding free month)
Terms & Conditions for using promo code
  • Offer limited to new customers only and maximum one-time use per address
  • Offer applies to first month of storage fees only and is valid until 30 Jun 2018
  • Standard retail price will be charged after free period expires
  • Customers cannot downgrade their sq. ft. plans or use fewer standard boxes throughout the minimum storage
  • Logistics fees and other surcharges are not covered by this offer
  • Other discounts cannot be used in conjunction with this offer
  • By-The-Item offer applies to a maximum of 10 standard boxes
  • By-The-Item offer excludes wardrobe boxes, document boxes or oversized items
  • By-The-Square-Feet offer applies to 12 and 24 sq. ft. plans
  • For upgrade to a larger sq. ft. plan, the difference in standard retail price between the plans applies
  • Boxful reserves the right to make the final decision
  • All terms and conditions apply
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What would you like to store?
6 ft2
$1,799 /month
12 ft2
$2,299 /month
24 ft2
$3,799 /month
36 ft2
$5,299 /month
Monthly Cost Estimate
Do you need Packing Materials?
Packing Materials
Document Box
Cardboard Box
Bubble Wrap
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Cardboard Box, $/pc
Document Box, $/pc
Bubble Wrap, $/roll
Packing Materials Fee
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Frequently Asked Questions
What can I store? Can I store furniture?

You can store pretty much anything as long as it’s not illegal, dangerous or perishable. Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Yes, we are able to store your furniture or bulky items (except piano) provided it fits into our vans and storage units. Please give us a call at 0800-050-777 for further details.

What is the policy if one or more of my items is damaged or lost?
The safety and security of your items is our top priority. Our delivery team ensures that everything is photographed and packed properly before loading onto our truck. We also provide customers with an insurance policy that will cover loss or damage of your items of up to $40,000 for each storage plan.
How is Boxful 任意存 By-the-Square Feet different from other mini self-storage?
We provide door-to-door pickup and delivery service, so you will never have to visit a storage facility again. We take care of all the heavy-lifting, so you don’t have to go through the frustration of moving your own stuff and digging through boxes to find what you need.
Are there any other service fees?

The charge for initial Pick-up is NTD$1,000 per trip, which includes 30 minutes of onsite labor.

1.75 tons trucks charge from NT$1,000. 3.5 tons trucks charge from NT$2,500.

For subsequent pickup or retrieval trips, it will charge from $1,000 per trip, which includes of 30 minutes of onsite labor.

1.75 tons trucks charge from NT$1,000. 3.5 tons trucks charge from NT$2,500.

What is the minimum storage period?
Our minimum storage period is 3 months (excluding promotions).
6 Square Feet
3 ft (L) X 2 ft (W)
per month
12 ft2 (net)
3 ft (L) X 4 ft (W)
per month
24 ft2 (net)
4 ft (L) X 6 ft (W)
per month
36 ft2 (net)
6 ft (L) X 6 ft (W)
per month
3-month minimum storage period
Free move & wrap service for 1st pickup
On-demand move & wrap service
72-hour delivery response time
Free insurance of $10,000 per plan
Free packing materials provided
You can directly use the Self-Service Lockers!
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